Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Add volume to your hair using apple cider vinegar shampoo

I have long, black and straight Asian hair and that means it tends to be dull and lifeless most of the time. Bummer, right? Even if I blow dry, curl it or apply mousse to add volume, it simply wouldn't keep up. It's as stubborn as I am. So, my friends from Maple Holistics suggested I try their Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo since I have been using their shampoos for quite sometime now and I honestly can vouch to their products.

It has been a week since I tried their Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and my gosh, it did give my hair volume that lasts for a day! Aside from giving oomph to my hair, apple cider has anti-dandruff and anti-hair loss properties so it's like hitting three birds in one shot. Their shampoo is made from all natural ingredients and is also paraben free so you are assured you are safe if you have sensitive skin. It smells nice, too.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Shampoo for split ends

Photo from Maple Holistics.

If you are trying to grow your hair long, let me warn you of the problems that you will encounter in the process: dandruff, hair fall and split ends. There are plenty of products available in the market to help you with dandruff and hair fall but only a handful for split ends. I learned from my grandma to apply coconut oil from root to tip at least thrice a week and leaving it overnight without rinsing or you can cut the strands with split ends. I didn't like the oily feeling because my scalp already produces too much oil and cutting strands one by one takes a lot of precious time, so I searched for alternatives. I tried leave-on conditioner, sprays and serums but to no avail and I can't afford to allot extra time for my hair care routine because I have a busy schedule. I was lucky to find Silk18 shampoo by Maple Holistics. It has all natural ingredients to help with my long hair triad woes. It has argan and jojoba oil infused with 18 silk amino acids. If you also have sensitive scalp, this shampoo is hypoallergenic. The first time I used it (about a week ago), it felt like I am using a very luxurious product. I like its delicate and subtle scent. I also noticed that my scalp didn't feel as oily as before so my hair feels fresh all day. Would I recommend it? Yes! But, you have to try it for yourself. Go to their website and use the code MAPLEFUN. They also have Silk18 conditioner to complement the shampoo.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Are you ready to tie the knot?

Ask yourself a hundred times: "Am I ready to tie the knot? Am I ready for a lifetime commitment?" If you answer yes without any hint of doubt, go ahead. Otherwise, rethink and postpone before it is too late.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Long Distance Relationship

While driving to work this morning, I suddenly thought of the relationship between speed, distance and time--contemplating about how we sometimes describe distance as how fast we could get to our desired destination. It's easier for our sentimental and always longing self to accept distance as 17 hours away than 7 thousand miles away. If you are in a long distance relationship, the concept of distance tires us because its measurement seems unfathomable so we'd rather describe it in terms that has shorter limits like time in a day. In our mind when we say 17 hours away, we know that in less than day, we will be with the one we love.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Argan Oil Shampoo for Stronger Hair

I posted a few weeks ago about how tea tree oil shampoo helped me get rid of dandruff. I also mentioned that I have falling hair due to stress and all other stuff that makes the hair and scalp weak. Maple Holistics graciously sent me a bottle of Argan Oil shampoo to try, which I did. 

Argan oil has been used since the 600 B.C. and it has been proven to help make the scalp and hair strong. The oil from the argan fruit is rich in vitamins A, C, and E and is proven to contain linoleic acid, antioxidants and omega-6 fatty acids--all of which are essential for hair growth. Like tea tree oil, argan oil is also good in eliminating dandruff. While I stopped using tea tree oil shampoo, argan oil shampoo didn't disappoint. I don't wonder anymore why the Phoenicians have long, luscious hairs.

What I like about Maple Holistics' products is that they don't leave strong chemical scent on my hair--it just smells all natural.

If you want to sample some of their products, you can just visit this link and they will graciously send you samples. 

Friday, December 1, 2017

Shampoo for Hair Fall and Dandruff

I have the typical Asian hair--long and black--and like other women, regardless of race, I also have problems with hair fall and dandruff. I am picky when it comes to hair products and styling my hair, in fact, I have never used a dye. My hair fall problem and dandruff began in my late 20's, probably because of the amount of stress I always have to face at work and I have oily scalp. I have tried various products that promise to get rid of my problems, in fact, I have been loyal to this famous shampoo brand for years but it still doesn't give me the results I need.

I finally stumbled upon a Tea Tree Shampoo by Maple Holistics. It's main ingredient is organic tea tree oil that is known to cure acne and various fungal infections. It also has antiseptic properties and may be used on cuts, abrasions, burns, insect bites and boils among others. Other than its therapeutic properties, it also has cosmetic benefits like promoting hair growth by creating a protective layer on the hair, hence, preventing hair loss.

The first time I tried the shampoo, I already noticed that my hair is fuller and softer. After the third time and until now, there's less hair fall and my dandruff and accompanying itchiness are gone. I like wearing black and dark colored tops so getting rid of dandruff within a week of using the shampoo made me more confident.  I couldn't be any happier!

I'd definitely recommend this shampoo to anyone who has the same hair and scalp problems as mine.  To order, simply go to their website mapleholistics.com or you can order at Amazon or you can sign up here for free product samples.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Random Clicks: Horseshoe Bend

I am so blessed to be able to see the magnificence of the Horseshoe Bend in Arizona. I took this photo using an iPhone 8. This is the kind of things that I love to do--nature and photography. The 1-mile hike was definitely worth it.


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