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New Nest


After 3 months of stress, we finally moved in to a new house.  The whole process was tiring, it almost drained my energy, but everything paid off when all our stuff were transferred to our new nest.  It is a one bedroom apartment that we had to renovate to make way for a kitchen and attach the bathroom to the house.

To all those who helped me to get through it, thank you with all my heart.  Now, I can relax... for a while.

Changing Bags In A Breeze

A woman of fashion and style knows that bags, like any other accessories, can make or break any outfit. Whether you may be a student or a career woman who is always on the go, changing bags to match your outfit sometimes becomes a hassle especially when you have a lot of things stuffed in your bag.  I have found the perfect solution to this dilemma--a bag organizer!  I bought this bag organizer in a mall for only Php179.00 or roughly $4.00.  Everything in my bag became a lot easier to find because of the different compartments, there's even a slot for a pen or two.  For a big bag user like me, this size is perfect, but there are actually a lot of sizes to choose from depending on the size of your bag.  Aside from organizing your bag, other organizers can stand alone as a bag because of their stylish prints and versatile handles.  Whether you aim for a fast bag change or just to make a little organization in your life, bag organizers are definitely for keeps.

The Woman with Two Vaginas!

The Woman with Two Vaginas! | The Tyra Show

Yep!  You read it right!  I didn't actually see the episode but nevertheless I was shocked by merely reading it on  Lauren Williams learned about her rare condition a year ago when she consulted a doctor because she finds some sexual positions uncomfortable.  Suspecting that she has a bicornuate uterus--the septum is down in the middle making it heart shaped, she was scheduled for an operation to correct the condition but the doctor found out that she actually has two vagina and both has a cervix and uterus.  The doctors affirmed that this will not be a problem during pregnancy as the non-pregnant uterus will be pushed on the other side.  She was advised to use condom while one of the uterus is pregnant to prevent the other uterus from getting pregnant.  That is weird!

Regardless of her condition, she will continue to live a normal life and will hope that people will accept her for who she is--inside and out.

Online Matchmaking

No man is an island but not everyone can afford to have one.

The emergence of online matchmaking answers the dilemma of the hopeless Cassanovas.  But how does it work?  First things first, you have to register online and fill out the required information about yourself.  No lies (even white lies), please so that you will be paired accordingly.  Applicants will be called to verify the data submitted, at this  point, consultation about your relationship preferences will also take place.  After the brief consultation and getting to know you talk, their system will search your perfect match (match will come from the matchmaker's database).  Once a match has been made, they will notify you and give you your match's information.  Getting a match is as easy as clicking your mouse or sipping a cup of coffee.  Let's have a toast to that!

Baby Boo Boos

When my son was born, everything about my life made a 360-degree turn.  His world suddenly became mine and no one and nothing prepared me for the many boo boos a child may bring to an adult's life.  Here are a few of the moments when I realized babies are the most adorable troublemakers in any one's household.

My older sister, Joyce, stayed in our house until Lance was 3 months old.  He first learned to turn side by side at that age.  One time my sister woke me up in the middle of the night just after she went to the comfort room, hysterical and all, asking where is my son.  I simply answered with my eyes still closed, "Beside me."  She said, "Lance is missing!"  The thought of my son being kidnapped with me beside him was so absurd but when I reached for my son, he was actually gone!  I got up and then suddenly my sister and I heard something that seems to be coming from under the bed.  Alas!  My son was under the bed, playing with some stuffs and kicking h…

The Tracks of My Tears

I believe The Tracks of My Tears by Smokey Robinson and The Miracles is one of the best songs ever written.  When Adam Lambert of the Americal Idol Season 8 interpreted the song, it made a big impact on me... so, I want to share the song to you all.  I hope you'll like it.
People say I'm the life of the party
Because I tell a joke or two
Although I might be laughing loud and hearty
Deep inside I'm blue
So take a good look at my face
You'll see my smile looks out of place
If you look closer, it's easy to trace
The tracks of my tears..
I need you, need you
Since you left me if you see me with another girl
Seeming like I'm having fun
Although she may be cute
She's just a substitute
Because you're the permanent one..
So take a good look at my face
You'll see my smile looks out of place
If you look closer, it's easy to trace
The tracks of my tears..
I need you, need you
Outside I'm masquerading
Inside my hope is fading
Just a clown oh yeah
Since you put me down
My smile…

Signs, Signs, Signs

Signs come in different forms and it affects us at different intensities. Signs give us direction, instruct, warn or simply inform us. I don't know the reason for posting this sign but it sure did confirm one thing... nothing really happened in 1897 on that site and we simply cannot argue with that.

Shoes That Don't Hurt The Wallet

I have a penchant for shoes and I bet every woman regardless of her race and color, share the same fondness--some even collect them.
I am not a compulsive shoe buyer... I plan my purchase.  It is good enough that I am very meticulous when it comes to shoes particularly in the design, heels and especially the fit.  I have a 9-inch feet (sometimes 10... sob!) so finding a perfect pair becomes slightly difficult.  The cheapest shoe that I bought was a Rusty Lopez bronze strappy sandals--it only cost me 50 pesos!  Yes, you are not delusional...  I bought it for 50 pesos and it is brand new!
Browsing the internet for shoes gives me a lasting relief for my shoe cravings.  I particularly love and  The dawn of the internet allows us to buy things without leaving the comforts of our own home because payments are made using credit cards.
Payless will satisfy every shoe fanatic for a price that will not hurt their wallet because a pair only costs $10 to $50.  My advice, view …

If There's Any Consolation

I have been struggling to be fine in the past few weeks and I can't seem to find better things to make me at least forget for a moment that I have problems.

I checked my email yesterday, as what I usually do the moment I turn on the computer, and I received a mail from Powerbooks informing me that they have chosen my book review for Paolo Coelho's book "Brida". They are asking for my permission to include my review in their recommended books section together with my name and picture. I thought of it for a moment and decided to go for it since it is not illegal and nothing is wrong with a little exposure. They will post my review within a week or so in all Powebooks outlets. Haha!

In my email again, Jobstreet asked me if I could answer their survey and I might have a chance to win a McDonald's gift certificate. I answered their survey. I couldn't find any harm doing it. It took me just a minute to answer and winning a GC is not my concern because I don'…

Sand Arts

When we talk of sand art, what comes first into our minds is the art of making figures using the sand on the seashore.  I first saw a video of sand art in my friend's cellphone and I was amazed by how a man's hand create lovely images using sand.  I was even more amazed when his drawings actually tell a story.
I did a few research about this amazing art and I found out that what I saw was only a tip of the iceberg.
Sand art or sand painting is being practiced by Indians, Tibetans, Arabs and even American Indians.  An example of Indian sand art is practiced by a famous sand painter, Ilana Yahav.  She is a world renowned sand animation artist who uses only her fingers to draw on an illuminated glass table.  Another form of sand painting is the Mandala--typically practiced by Buddhist monks.  In this form, the artist fills out a drawing using different colored sands. Symbols used in these sand paintings represent world enlightenment and respectful religious iconography. Mandalas ar…

Good Old High School Days

I saw this picture on my BFF's blog and it sure made my day. I consider them as my support system during ups and downs of high school life--even until now, although most of them are already out of the country. They are my second family--the Arcanghels. I will start from the top row, this will be fun.

1.Wiljohn - he has a twin sister and they were born on Christmas Day (correct me if I am wrong). I remember him to be jolly, full of antics and he never loses his cool, until one day--he had a fight with Alberto, my Sisteret, because of a non-sense college entrance exam result. They were both in shambles after the fight... even our classroom was a mess. They didn't speak to each other for days and up to now it is still a mystery for me how they managed to made-up. He's also Karla's escort during Intramurals and they both won by the way.2.Eric - Paula's favorite son and I am Eric's favorite Aunt.3.Paul- my seat mate who I rarely see. I call him Houdini because…