Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rice Please

Image courtesy of zetty yada.

Our family went to Tagaytay this afternoon just to have halo-halo at Razon's.  It is like going to Hongkong to eat at McDonald's... that's what I thought it would be.  Given that we had the most common Philippine dessert, I liked it.  After finishing the yummy treat, the elders went to the grocery to buy salad greens and steak for our swimming party on Saturday.  I followed them to buy diapers and something to eat because I am still hungry.  The halo-halo was a treat but that didn't made me full... I am hungry for something else... rice.  I need carbohydrates.  I didn't mention that I am still hungry but on our way home, my cousins were discussing about what to eat for dinner... they were hungry for rice, too.  I butt into their discussion, hoping that the elders would ask us to eat dinner, but no.  

Home at last... but no rice.

Asians are the biggest consumers of rice.  It is a staple in every Asian household particularly in the Philippines.  They said, you are not a true blue Filipino if you do not eat rice for breakfast, lunch, dinner and meals in between.  

Well, I guess I don't need more proofs to claim that I am a true blue Filipino.

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