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Another Bad Dream

I seldom have bad dreams but when I do, it sure is a bad dream that sometimes come true.  Does that also happen to you?  

In my dream, these two weird events happened in my grandparents' old house built in the 1950s, which happens to be where my house is currently at.  I don't know how exactly my dream started but I remembered that in the old kitchen just beside the comfort room, an exhibit of some sort is happening.  I looked inside the glass walled viewing area and there is this something that looks like a dinosaur's bones and lying above it is an unconscious creature, ogre-like, being observed by a scientist.  I waited, together with other spectators, to what will happen to the creature.  Minutes passed and at last the creature's fingers started to make some movement and before we could even ask the man inside the viewing area, it immediately got up and wandered around.  I was shocked and couldn't believe my eyes that I went out to catch some air.  Outside, I saw a friend and we chatted, exchanged some stories because we haven't seen each other for quite some time.  I heard a really loud noise, like an airplane that is about to take off, I looked back and it really was an airplane in a really bad taking off situation. I said to myself that something bad will happen to that plane... and the next few seconds after that thought was something that anyone wouldn't want to see.  The plane took off and right in front of me and my friend, the plane split in two.  The tail part rolled towards us and then we run as fast as we can to take cover, we survived but my friend had minor injuries.  A man came running towards us who I believe is the scientist.  She carried my friend and took her to a safer place to wait for the ambulance.  All the while I thought that it is over but the cockpit part came rolling towards me and I run fast to get out of its way... I survived but I saw my left feet drenching in blood.  I looked around to where the plane crashed and I noticed that everything surrounding the crash site was damaged except for my grandparents' house.  The scientist came running towards me and carried me to where my friend is.  I looked at  his name plate and I read his surname... Navia...  something like that.  Upon reaching the house, someone gave him a card that certifies that the creature is a new discovery and it is named after him.  I passed out afterward.

I looked for some possible interpretation of my dream and here is what I have found:

House - represents me.

Kitchen - being the heart of the house, it represents emotional needs and feelings towards another person.

Scientist - need for understanding.

Ogre - criticism.

Running away - strong desire to avoid something that is negative or a strong resistance to change.

Airplane - represent desires, freedom or a dominant male in my life (I wasn't a passenger nor the pilot in my dream) taking full control.

Airplane taking off - means I am about to embrace a great challenge that promises great reward.

Crash - symbolizes feeling of helplessness and being not in control.

Blood from foot - means physical ailment or worries.

Foot - there are problems within the family that I am deeply concerned about.

I can say that these meanings actually make sense in what is happening in my life right now.


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