Finding the Perfect Nanny

Months before I gave birth to my son, aside from the many other concerns a parent has, I was already concerned about who will take care of him when I start working again.  I asked my grandmother if she could recommend someone to be my son's nanny during daytime.  Lucky for me, we have networks and good neighbors to assist me in finding the perfect nanny. 

Finding a nanny is as hard as mining gold.  Everything has to be planned accordingly like if I have enough budget for the salary, what benefits should I give, the rules that needs to be followed and all sorts of things crucial to my child's welfare.  I have heard many stories about abusive nannies and nannies who are being abused and I don't want these horrible stories to happen in my household. 

I have read many tips on how to find a nanny but so far, this article gives the best and straightforward tips that are easy to apply.

The Search - a wide network helps in finding a nanny.  Recommendation by friends and relatives is one of the best ways to source a nanny because they know first hand the attitude and behavior of the one they are recommending.

The Budget - if you are tight on a budget but in dire need of a nanny, one option is to share nanny with a friend or a relative.

The Qualification - ideally, a nanny should have a proper training but if in case finding one would take some time, hire someone who has had years of nurturing a child--a mother.  Mothers know what is best for their children, if your nanny is also a mother, more or less she knows what kind of love and care you want for your child.

The Means - although you have networks, also take time to advertise for you to have options.  Advertising doesn't mean newspaper or television ads, a little sign in front of your house or the corner coffee shop would be great places to place your ads.

If All Else Fails - contact an agent and they will do everything for you.  The only thing that you should do is to look for an agent with a good reputation.

Another tip that I can give you is if you see anything wrong the first time, find another nanny.  It is a tedious process but you have to do everything to protect your child.

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