Guide to Gaydom

I have many gay friends and I wonder why they are called gay.  Was it because they are naturally happy and jolly?  I will not spend much time searching for the answer, all I know is that they make me laugh and they teach me so many things about life.

I was never an anti-gay or anti-lesbian, I actually don't consider them as different from the rest of us who are "straight", it just so happens that they have different preferences.  I have heard many a sad stories about them being afraid of coming out because their family might disown them and much more triumphant stories of them being accepted.  I remember one of my friends who 'straightens up' whenever he's at home but 'loosens up' whenever he's with us.  It is sad that in front of his family, he becomes a different person.

I am glad that they are now being accepted for who they are and that more and more are starting to come out and share their experience to the world.  I have found this site that will somehow help my dear friends about their journey and they can  even share their experience through the site... consider it as their guide to gaydom.

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