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Here Comes the Bride: A Crazy Soul Mix Up

Chris Martinez gives us another tear jerking comedy movie with Eugene Domingo as one of the lead stars.  I saw Here Comes the Bride yesterday with my office mates and we laughed from the beginning until the end.  It was really hilarious!  It is probably my second favorite comedy movie of all time--KimmyDora being my most favorite. 

It is a story of five individuals whose lives were changed after a fateful accident on the Magnetic Road of Rizal one morning at exactly the same time a total solar eclipse occurred--all of them are heading to the resort to witness a beach wedding.  When they arrived at the resort, the five souls (Angelica Panganiban, Eugene Domingo, Jaime Fabregas, Tuesday Vargas and John Lapus) got all mixed up.  Angelica's soul transferred to Eugene's body while hers moved to Tuesday's, Tuesday's went to Jaime's,  Jaime's soul entered John's body, and John's soul to Angelica's.

Angelica plays the role of a shy, virginal girl who is about to have a beach wedding to Jaime's grandson played by Tom Rodriguez.  Her soul was transferred to her Ninang' Precy's, played by Eugene, who is an intelligent lawyer whose relationship is existent only with her dogs.  Eugene's soul on the other hand, entered Tuesday's--a poor nanny of the bratty ring bearer who sets aside her personal happiness because of her financial responsibility to her family.  Having this problem, Tuesday's soul transferred to Jaime's who is a millionaire but is too old and sickly.  Since Jaime wants to regain his youth and vigor, his soul transferred to John's--a gay beautician who wishes to be a woman to experience true love.  True enough, his soul moved to Angelica's body.

Experiencing the life that they wished for their own, except for Angelica's, is where the trouble begins.  Angelica (inside Eugene's) finds her way to finding the mixed up souls and sought the help of Kim Atienza--the 'walking encyclopedia', to get themselves back into their normal lives, but getting back isn't that easy because they have to reenact the accident that put them into trouble and that means waiting for the total solar eclipse.  The five had to endure two years of living outside their own bodies.  

What happened after their waiting is up for you to discover.

If you want to break free of all the negative vibrations surrounding you, this movie will surely do the trick because you will just laugh and laugh until your cheeks hurt.

I mentioned that this movie is my second favorite movie of all time so I will give it 9 out of 10 stars.

Side Note:  Tom Rodriguez is so handsome!  How many more handsome men will Eugene Domingo kiss?  Life isn't fair.


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