Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gorgeous Tail Lights

Car enthusiasts are dying (not literally) to have LED and euro tail lights  because it enhances the beauty of their car and it can be customized.  I am not a car enthusiast but I like to look at them.  For me, it is enough to have the original tail lights of my car as long as they are working, but for others it is a statement.  Like in fashion, you don't want to be the stereotypical one... you want to stand out. I will not talk about the specs of an ideal car... heck, I don't even know what are those things but, I think the one thing that makes a car look good is its tail lights.  Am I weird?  It is the one that passengers and drivers will see in front during heavy traffic so might as well make the rear end look gorgeous, right?

What is with these tail lights that car enthusiasts are crazy about?  You can choose to install fiber optic or LED on your car's tail lights or you can combine the two... it all depends on how fierce you want the tail lights to be.  I have seen really impressive tail lights in car shows, in fact I have seen one that follows the beat of a music.  It was cool... women were actually drawn. 

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