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Happy Father's Day

It is our dear dad's day on Sunday and I'll just probably pop my Papa a message (response not required but it will be highly appreciated).  

I didn't grow up with my dad.  When Mama went abroad to work, my siblings and I were left in the care of our aunts and grandparents.  I don't know exactly what happened why such a set-up came about, all I know is that I would rush to my aunt's house across the street if I have a feeling that Papa will arrive with some goodies for us... I was almost always lucky about my gut feeling.  When I turned 9, there's no more bags of goodies and no more Papa to wait.  I saw him again during my sister's college graduation.  After 10 long years, I was able to hug him again.  I remember whenever I get sick he would buy me a burger as my medicine, he would cook simple but delicious meals, tell funny stories and play with us until we get tired and fall asleep.  Those were the days.  I don't have ill feelings about his absence when we were growing up, I just miss and love him more than caring about what happened in the past.

Lance, like me when I was a child, would anxiously run towards the door while calling his Daddy... he isn't lucky as I was.  Mama never witnessed our longing for Papa but nevertheless, I know she was hurting.   Now that I am seeing my son acting the way I did when I was a kid is something that breaks my heart again and again.  So now I am thinking (asking): Is it better to have a dead father than knowing he is alive but you will never get to see him? 

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I had a dream last night about a building collapsing with me and some other co-workers inside it.
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The resort's theme is very Filipino. Bamboo cottages surround the pool area so you feel like you are just lounging in your own backyard without the hustle and bustle of the busy streets and stressful workload. They have a restaurant so you don't have to worry where to buy food when you get hungry. They also have a free WiFi connection so that you can update your Facebook or Twitter accounts for your friends to see how good of a time you are having.

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