Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Showing Love and Care

Last night I was teary eyed remembering what happened last Sunday night.  It was a really unexpected moment from someone who is a fraction of my age--my son.

Lance and I went home after exchanging stories with our grandmother from across the street.  We went directly inside the room to watch his favorite DVD and for me to lie down because my stomach aches.  I asked Lance to play with his toy cars for a while for me to take a rest.  Instead of playing, he asked me if he could take a look.  He put his hand on my tummy and gently massaged it.  He said, ''Let's go to the doctor and he will put water (intravenous fluid line) on your hand''.  He embraced me after that.  I nearly cried of his caring and loving gesture.  I forgot about the pain and I just gave him a kiss.

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