Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Blues

I am kinda gloomy today, maybe because of the weather and I wasn't able to go out the whole weekend.  My anticipation for the long weekend remained just an anticipation.  I am still not ready for the rainy season.  Oh, I forgot, another reason for my being a bummer for three days is because I was thinking of how to survive my weekend VA task in one piece.  I am not complaining but everything was just new... it felt like the first day of school.  Anyway, I survived it... not really, but at least I am still in my sanity.  

I joined the 20 Something Bloggers' group, as you can see on the left sidebar that I have a badge.  I joined just because I am qualified and if I will not join within the next two years, you will see a different badge.  Gee!  I couldn't believe that I am nearing my 30s.  I have to prepare for that transition... how?  30... 30... 30... shivers!!!  Slathering more goo to eliminate signs of aging might do.  Haha!  On a more serious note, have I really enjoyed the 28 years of my life?  At some point, yes (I love you, Lance!).  There's no turning back now... time to move forward.

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