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Favorite Photo of the Day: On the Keyboard

I love this photo!  It reminds me of my almost forgotten talent... playing the piano.  When my Mom was still in Saudi Arabia, she gave me a mini piano, it was a Casio, a super mini version of a keyboard.  I would play music without even looking at the notes (I don't even know what notes are), I was about 7 years old, I just play whatever music I hear.  My first self-taught piece was Happy Birthday and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star followed and almost all the nursery rhymes that a kid knows.  My grandma saw that I have this thing about music so when I was in high school she enrolled me for a piano lesson.  I joined two piano recitals then and my pieces were Ballade Pour Adeline by Olivier Toussaint and Paul de Senneville, Vera's Theme, Somewhere in Time by John Barry and Roger Williams and Valentine by Jim Brickman.  I would practice every afternoon after school and my great grandfather would sit on the sofa to watch me practice and he would sometimes fall asleep. 

I suddenly miss my piano.  I miss my childhood.

Even at young age of two, Lance is already showing interest in music but not in playing the piano yet.  He loves to sing, he always hum tunes from his favorite Barney DVDs.

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Dream Interpretation: Collapsing Building

I had a dream last night about a building collapsing with me and some other co-workers inside it.
We're cleaning up some rooms at the first floor while construction men, well, do their job in other parts of the building particularly the third floor. After hours of cleaning, my co-workers and I decided to call it a day and get our things at the third floor. When we got there, the building started to tilt and in just a few seconds, everything collapsed. None in the group got hurt as the floor we're standing on wasn't damaged, in fact, it slid down a slope while we still hold on to dear life. At the end of a downhill ride, we found ourselves on a lake. I saw some of my co-workers crying and calling for help.
To dream of cleaning, according to Dream Moods, implies you are overcoming major obstacles in life. You are moving ahead toward a new stage in your life.
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50 Questions To Ask Yourself

Live each day of your life as if it is your last.  Live your life to the fullest.  Follow your heart's desires.  Do what makes you happy.
I was lucky to stumble upon these 50 questions that will somehow help us know our reason for being.  Try answering for yourself.
1. How do you really feel about what you are doing right now at this exact moment? 2. What is your fondest childhood memory? Who was there? What was going on? 3. How comfortable are you in your home? 4. How comfortable are you in your town/city? State? 5. What kind of weather do you like? 6. Do you believe you can have your cake and eat it, too? Why or why not? 7. What is one quality about your parent(s) that you really loved? 8. What is one quality about your parent(s) that you really do not like? 9. Do you like what you are doing for money? 10. What do you feel is your greatest skill? 11. What do you feel is your greatest personality trait? 12. Do you feel like anything in your life is holding you back from ultima…

Movie Review: Kita Kita (I See You)

They say "Love is blind", while others say "the lovers are". Whichever you believe in, one thing is for sure, love comes in the most unexpected way. Kita Kita (I See You) is not the typical romantic comedy film you see regularly in theaters. Lea (Alessandra de Rossi) and Tonyo (Empoy Marquez) are the main characters of the movie--they are the most unconventional pair but I was surprised by their chemistry. Their acting was so unbelievable that they made me believe everything is real. 
I laughed and cried. It made me think. It made me see what the eyes can't.