Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Funny and Crazy Japanese Inventions

HAHAHAHA!  Sorry, I couldn't help but laugh upon seeing this all in one farming tool that a Japanese invented.  Looking at the picture, this humongous tool isn't helping the farmer at all because it looks really heavy compared to the normal farming tool that you use separately.

This is something that isn't too crazy.  If you don't have a butter knife to use, this stick type butter will sure save your day.  I think this is perfect if you will have a picnic or if you will pack lunch for school or office... I just hope it doesn't melt easily and you won't mistake it for a lip balm.

This is child labor.  It is inappropriate to let your child crawl on dirty floors AND use your child as a mop.

 Introducing, the most ingenious invention of the century--the noodle eater's hair guide.  A bitch butts in:  Why don't you just tie your hair back, tie it in a bun or better yet shave your hair off so the next time you eat your noodles, your hair will not get in your way???  Just asking.

Check out more photos of this kind here.

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  1. These are interesting invention. I like it! I think butter stick type is very easy for using.


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