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Having No Internet Is Not An Excuse: My Life's Journey in Songs

This is what I have been doing... doing still, even though I do not have an internet connection yet.  Nobody and nothing can stop me from writing about anything.  A sample of what I mean is this blog that I initially had in MS Word.
 **** READ ON ****

 It is night once again, the perfect time for me to be sentimental, hilarious, bitchy—lunatic in shorter term.  I just can’t let a random thought slip through my mind even if I do not have an internet connection.  Read on, cry or laugh with me as I narrate my life based on my music play list.

While playing Spider Solitaire, Windows Media Player is playing Luther Vandross’s Dance With My Father—which is a major tearjerker for me.  I know you knew the song and any son or daughter who’s been abandoned or have lost a father will feel sentimental, too.  I stopped playing the solitaire, I just got bored and annoyed that after 5 deals, I did not win.  I am really not good with playing cards.  I stopped playing (the true reason) because if my son were older, he’d probably be saying the exact lyrics of the song.

Joshua Kadison’s Beautiful in My Eyes is one of the songs that I would listen to, aside from the piano concertos, when Lance was still inside my womb.  He’d response with a kick whenever he hears it.
Soooo, tears start to well now.

Before tears roll down my eyes, I clicked stop and played Clumsy by Fergie.  You might probably think I am a schizophrenic… I am not, just to assure you.  I am not a good dancer but we danced this song during the anniversary of our company.  It was a fun-filled night and many employees showed their hidden talents (although some talents should be kept hidden).  If ever I move on to a new career, the one thing that I’d miss the most would be the parties and celebrations.

Celine Dion’s I Love You Goodbye played next.  The ‘wish I could be the one who could give you love’ thing didn’t happen in my life but the ‘I love you goodbye’ thing well, it happened.  I have loved this person, still love him when I ended the relationship… it was for the best.   This song is one of the saddest songs ever written and one of the hardest songs to sing in the videoke.  I am gasping for air singing this. 

One of my favorite bitch songs is Carrie Underwood’s Before He Cheats that I first heard in 2007 when I was sweeping the floor of our then house.  Slashing holes in the tires of a cheater’s ride looks really fun.  Watch out guys, don’t mess with us.  I suddenly miss Fiona Apple’s Criminal… well, this is another story.

If there’s one song that I can really relate to, it is Madonna’s Live To Tell.  A man can tell a thousand lies but I have learned my lesson well.  I will live to tell that the truth is never far behind.       

I am an American Idol fan; I especially adore David Cook and his version of Mariah Carey’s Always Be My Baby.  I remember hurrying to go home just to watch American Idol live on television.  I am glad that he got the Idol title.  I missed his concert… boo!  I hope there will be a next time.

Believe it or not, I am jologs.  I admit to watching and never missing an episode of Meteor Garden… it was year 2003.  F4’s Qing Fei De Yi is playing… I am singing and couldn’t care less if I don’t understand any of its lyrics.  I feel like I am Sanchai already. 

Term as defined by WikiPilipinas:
Jologs -   Filipino slang term or word used to describe persons, things or events who or which are poorly made, dirty-looking, corny and cheap. It is at times equated with "baduy," another Filipino word which means "out of style."

I couldn’t remember exactly when I first heard George Michael’s Kissing A Fool, all I know is that my friend, Leo (yes, that’s your name), suggested I listen to it.  I liked it and liked it even more when Michael Buble did his own version.  This is the kind of music I listen to when I want to relax.

Aside from being jologs, I am also sweet and easily swooned by the opposite sex’s sweetness (proper word: naïve).  My boyfriend in college used to sing me I Didn’t Know I Was Looking for Love by Everything but the Girl.  Mushy! Mushy! Mushy!  I couldn’t believe I fell for that.  We used to write letters via snail mail even though he’s only from the Metro.  That’s just the way it was and the bliss lasted for three years.  He’s now happily attached with his former classmate.

Whenever my friends and I would gather, I notice that at some point, we’d sing Tagalized songs as popularized by Michael V.  An example would be Prince’s Betcha By Golly Wow… it’s so hilarious.  It’s Tagalog title is ‘Pustahan Ay Sus Naku’!  Later, Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust will be playing and all I will remember would be its Tagalog version ‘May Isa na Namang Kumagat sa Alikabok’.  If you are a Bubble Gang fan, you know what I mean.

When I was in high school, my classmates would bring their guitars and song books and we’d sing the most popular songs of the 80s—Christopher Cross’s songs were a hit, like the one that’s playing now… Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do).  I am an 80’s baby so it is not unusual for me to like the songs of that decade.  I don’t know about you, but for me, David Pomeranz’s King and Queen of Hearts is equals to Junior-Senior Prom.  By the way and as a matter of fact, I had seven dances during our prom... thanks guys for not letting me rot on my chair.

Have you seen Mr. and Mrs. Smith?  The movie, I mean.  Remember the part when Air Supply’s Making Love out of Nothing at All played on their car stereo and they discovered that they’re both secret agents and their mission was to kill each other? That was one hell of a fight scene.  They did not kill each other, they made love instead.  Crazy!  Love that movie.

The Wedding Singer is a certified chick flick.  And Adam Sandler singing the song to Drew Barrymore in an airplane was sooooo sweeeet!  I hope there will come a time when a man will come to me and say ‘I want to grow old with you’.  I am hands down to couples who are still together even after their 50th wedding anniversary… like my great grandparents.

If I were a boy, I’d be a good boy.  Is that hard to do?  I don’t like If I Were A Boy’s version with R. Kelly.  TO YOU:  You can have your money and get out of my life if you will use your paying the bills to justify your flirting with another woman.  I can earn much more than what you can give me.  Arse!

The last song for tonight is Elliott Yamin’s Wait For You.  It’s already past twelve midnight.  If it takes the rest of my life, I’ll wait for you… whoever you are.  If you will not come in my lifetime, maybe I’ll see you somewhere else.


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