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Not My Day

Thursday was like TGIF to me because of my scheduled day off, I planned to go to the mall with Lance and buy him some clothes--he's gone a lot bigger and heavier.  We went to bed early last night and woke up at 10 in the morning and then I received a phone call from an office mate asking me to report to work the soonest possible time.  I asked her what's the matter and she said as per the bosses.  Well, ok.

After 30 minutes I was in the office and my office mate threw the bomb... a seminar will happen in three hours!  WTF!  Whoever thought of conducting a seminar in such a really really (to the nth power) short notice is a complete a**hole (to the nth power)!

My evening didn't went well, too.  There was a leak in one of the pipes in my bathroom and it flooded the entire house--except the bedroom.  I spend two hours sweeping and moving appliances and furniture around the house and while I was busy getting rid of all the water, I heard a noise inside the bedroom--puke was all over the bed and Lance was drenching in his own vomit.  Argh!

I hope tomorrow will be a better day.

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I had a dream last night about a building collapsing with me and some other co-workers inside it.
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