Monday, July 19, 2010

Toy Story 3

Lance and I watched Toy Story 3 and he loved it.  He actually got sad when the kids at the daycare center were mutilating the toys.  I hope he will not do it anymore with his own toys.  Toy Story 3 is about Andy's transition from being a kid to a grown up.  Of course his toys (Woody, Jesse, Buzz, Bullseye, Rex, and others) were deeply concerned of Andy's transition because that means no more playtime and worse they'll be thrown away in the dumpster.  Woody tries to comfort them and tell the other toys that Andy will never throw them away because he loves them.  When Andy was sorting the things that he will keep, he accidentally left all other toys in the trashbag while Woody was placed inside a box that he will bring to college.  Andy's mom thought the things inside the bag were trash so she left them outside their house for the garbage truck to pick up.  What happened after that is a long journey of the toys and the discovery of how important they are to their owner--Andy.

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