Thursday, August 12, 2010

Doppelganger or Out of The Body Experience

My office mate gave me the creeps yesterday.  I reported one hour late for work because I had a severe headache.  After only a few minutes in the office, my office mate asked me if my other office mate was inside.  I said no because I did not see her when I got in the office and I was the only one inside.  I asked her why and she said our boss thought she saw our office mate enter the room wearing a gray blazer and her usual hairstyle.  We thought maybe it was just me she saw but I was wearing a green blazer and my hair was up.  Our boss went inside the room and insisted that she saw my office mate entering the room a few minutes ago.

Our missing office mate reported late for work too because of fever and I asked her if by any chance she wore a gray blazer in the morning.  She said she was wearing a gray blazer earlier that day but since she could not make it in the office, she changed her clothes and went to sleep again.


Could it be a doppelganger or her soul got out of her body while she was sleeping and made its way to the office?

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