Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Have Internet, Nothing To Write

I can't believe that after all that I've been through just to have my internet connection back, I am now staring at my computer without anything in mind.  I hate ironies. 

In the most recent book that I have read, Primal Management by Paul Herr, you have to give yourself some timeout if you want to solve a problem.  It also says there that you should surround yourself with positive energies to let ideas flow freely into your mind.  He suggests taking a run at the park, brisk walk or have a coffee at your favorite coffeshop... do the things that will make your mind and body relax. 

So, now I am thinking of what relaxing thing I should do to let ideas flow.  



  1. you just wrote something :)

    sometimes when if im not home and my mind starts creating these words. i write them down on paper (or tissue paper) then type it later :)

  2. i actually have. i do that too if i can access my pen and paper. you write on tissue paper? =) thanks for dropping by.


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