One Happy Mommy

My day went perfectly well simply because my son started it all with words that I least expect would come from his mouth.

I was awakened by a kiss from Lance and these exact words, "Mommy, sexy ka (you are sexy)!".  I was taken aback by the words... I know I am not the exact definition of the word sexy but anyway I took it as a compliment because maybe he meant I was nice or I am a great mommy.  I chuckled and hugged him tightly.

Last night when I got home from work, he was eating dinner at our grandmother's and he smiled at me and said, "Let's eat."  I asked him what did he bring me from the mall and he said, "Panties."  I asked him where did he put the panties and he said, "Far far away."  I nearly cried laughing.

He always surprise me with his wittiness and I am so proud. I couldn't be any happier.

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