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Feeling 80s

I am feeling 80s tonight so I am going to listen to three of my most favorite songs of the 1980s.

First on tonight's playlist is Industry's State of the Nation.  Industry is a new wave band from New York City founded by a composer and studio engineer, Andrew Geyer, in 1978 but it was during 1983 that the band became really popular.  The band is composed of Mercury Caronia as the drummer, and Sean Kelly as the vocalist who is famous for the moniker "Industrial Complex".  Although the band was short lived, they left us with one of the most profound songs ever written.

I hope you are still with me, next is Suzanne Vega's Luka.  Just like Industry's State of the Nation, Luka talks about one of the issues of the society--child abuse and domestic violence.  Suzanne released the single in 1987 and it ranked 3rd on the Billboard Hot 100.

Queen is my most favorite band of the 80s.  Freddie Mercury is a legend!  I love all of their music so it is hard for me to find the one to post.  I finally decided to share with you their song I Want To Break Free that was released in 1984.  I just love the angst  of the song... and Freddie's moves are so crazy!

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Dream Interpretation: Collapsing Building

I had a dream last night about a building collapsing with me and some other co-workers inside it.
We're cleaning up some rooms at the first floor while construction men, well, do their job in other parts of the building particularly the third floor. After hours of cleaning, my co-workers and I decided to call it a day and get our things at the third floor. When we got there, the building started to tilt and in just a few seconds, everything collapsed. None in the group got hurt as the floor we're standing on wasn't damaged, in fact, it slid down a slope while we still hold on to dear life. At the end of a downhill ride, we found ourselves on a lake. I saw some of my co-workers crying and calling for help.
To dream of cleaning, according to Dream Moods, implies you are overcoming major obstacles in life. You are moving ahead toward a new stage in your life.
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Something hairy, soft and wet

It is the time of gift giving and Kris Kringle again. Of course, our office is also in to the spirit of generosity. It is already our third week and I am the lamest gift giver lately. I have to make amends to that since my 'baby' is someone who is dear to me, someone who I trust.

I already have the 'something embarrassing to carry in public' and it is too embarrassing for me to show in this post. Let me just focus on the 'something hairy and soft' and 'something wet'. I was lucky to find both in one cute gift set... The hairy and soft teddy bear key chain and the wet but fragrant cologne.

Don't worry if I spilled the beans, my officemates have no idea that I have a blog.

Do you have Kris Kringle in your office?

Kris Kringle Something Sticky Suggestions

This week's office Kris Kringle is something sticky.  I haven't done shopping yet but I am eying these items as possible gift for my Monita.

Sephora Apple Pomegranate body collection, $30.  The set contains body butter, body scrub tube, body wash and bubble bath.

Lancome Juicy Tubes set, $29.50 at Neiman Marcus.  The set contains 6 various lip gloss colors from you favorite color palette--Sparling Pinks or Shimmering Neutrals.

Benefit De-puffing Action eye gel, $28 at Macy's.

I wonder what I will get on Friday.  I'm excited.