Tuesday, October 26, 2010

50 Questions Challenge, Day 12: Do you feel like anything in your life is holding you back from ultimate joy?

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I am reading a book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.  It is a self-help book about how a person can make things happen in his life.  It says there that the Law of Attraction works every day of our lives and all we have to do is ask for something that our heart truly desires, receive as if we are holding our dream at this very moment and believe that it will be given to us.  Those are actually the steps on how to use The Secret in your life.  I just had a realization that I have been quite living my life based on the secret.  I am living my life and I am happy with where it is going now.  Sure, there have been a few downs in my life but those did not stop me from living and from experiencing life.  Life is precious and I have appreciated life even more when I had my son.  He is actually the one who keeps pushing me to be a better person and to pursue my dreams.  With him by my side, I don't think anything or anyone could hold me back from ultimate joy... in fact, he is my ultimate joy. 

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