Wednesday, October 20, 2010

50 Questions Challenge, Day 7: What is one quality about your parent(s) that you really loved?

My mom and dad separated twenty years ago.  The only reason I knew of that caused the separation was long distance relationship for them was unbearable.  That's all I know.  Despite their separation, I never heard from them any harsh words against each other.  My mom said, that dad will always be my dad.  My dad told me the exact same words, too.  They remained friends and they never lost respect for each other despite some differences.

My dad is the best comedian.  Ok, I am exaggerating.  But, he really makes us laugh with his silly jokes and stories.  Well, my mom lets out the best and loudest laugh.  They perfectly complement each other.  Dad is a man of few words when it's time to get serious.  He gives profound advices you'd think it's the best advice ever.  He is the strict type... up to the level of not allowing us to wear the shortest shorts when we go out.  My mom is the do-what-makes-you-happy kind of mom.  She lets us live life and experience things but she never cease to remind us that we are responsible for our actions and we must accept the consequences.

It is their keeping us balanced that I really love about them.


  1. Mine separated when I was 11.I was a daddy's girl and didn't understand why we need to live apart from him.I was so angry with mom that time for the simple reason that she didn't give me reasons.

    Now I understand her reasons.Even after the separation I continued to love my dad unconditionally.And when he passed away my mom told tales of their first meetings that thrilled me.though I know the reasons now,I still think my dad was the best.Thanks to mom.

  2. Thank goodness we have really cool moms. I think it is important for any couple to not speak bad of others whether or not they will separate so as not to lose respect of their child.


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