Friday, October 22, 2010

50 Questions Challenge, Day 8: What is one quality about your parent(s) that you really do not like?

Hmnn...  I am only on day 8 but I am now faced with a difficult question.

I did not grow up with any of them, mom worked in another country while dad worked as a professor in his town.  I grew up in my great grandmother's household so I am having a hard time thinking of what answer to give for today's question.  Can I say, PASS!?


Ok... I am thinking.

Oh!  Here it is.  

We don't call each other as often as other parents and daughters would call.   I talk to my mom on the phone once a month but we email each other more often... exchanging chain mails and once in a blue moon how are yous and hellos.  We are updated of each others' lives because she calls my older sister more often.  It is not that I am really demanding more call time from her but you know how sometimes a person thinks one is favored than the other.  Haha!  I am jealous.  Not really.  I am to blame, too, because I don't call her.  And I promise to call her at least twice a month from now on.  I miss her, especially her laugh.  My dad, though, is a different story.  Maybe it's because of the separation why we really did not bother to call each other.  It is not that I am angry at him about not trying to communicate with me... communication between us was just not established.  When  he comes home to the Philippines, he would tell us to go to his place and that's the only chance for us to catch up.  When he returns to the US, we're both dead beats.  I promise, too, to send him message once in a while.

So, there.  As clear as the blue sky, we're poor when it comes to communication.  We're too busy minding our own lives that we sometimes forget to reach out.

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