Saturday, October 23, 2010

50 Questions Challenge, Day 9: Do you like what you are doing for money?

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I admit, I am not good at finances... that was when I still don't have a child.  It was when I had a child that I committed to saving--not just for the rainy days but also for future investments.  I earn money by working from 8 to 5 on my regular job and from my online virtual assistance jobs.  I actually sometimes ask myself why do I need to tire myself by having two jobs when I really don't have to.  And then I realize that I enjoy doing it--not because I am earning money but because I feel fulfilled each time my boss greets me for doing a great job.  

So, yes, I like what I am doing for money.

I save for myself and my son and I also give some to my sister who is living solo with her two kids.  I also support Smile Train--a non-profit organization that gives free operations for children with cleft lip or palate. 

My current mantra actually is 'if you will be generous to others, God will also be generous to you'.

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