Tuesday, November 2, 2010

50 Questions Challenge, Day 19: What is one thing you could do today, this week, this month, or this year to get a step closer to creating the legacy in #17?

This is a really hard question.  I am actually lost, still wandering and looking for my niche in terms of creating  a legacy.  I am still in the process, it is a hard process.  I hope you can bear with me.  

While I am still in the process, I wanted to share something that I have read in a book by Kevin Elko and Bill Beausay entitled True Greatness: Mastering the Inner Game of Business Success.  The authors said that most of us are chasing false rabbits.  We are being introduced to a world of materialism that we forget that those things are not the real source of happiness and greatness.  Things are just momentary source of contentment.  The authors, therefore, challenge us with the question: What is your reason for being?  If we have answered that question in a straightforward manner, then we have achieved our greatness.  Are you living your life and not just thinking of how to survive?  The book surely made an impact on my personal beliefs.

The book has a connection with today's question.  I have not yet felt true greatness that I can equally say as my legacy.  Maybe at the end of this challenge I can go back to this question with a specific answer.

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