Wednesday, November 3, 2010

50 Questions Challenge, Day 20: How do you feel about your home furnishings?

I find today's question funny.

See that photo?  That's my living room.  I know, I am poor at interior designing.  I wanted to achieve the minimalistic look but it ended up looking like this.  I am not complaining.  I thought, this isn't the right time for me to go full blast with interior decorating because my son is all over the place and  leaving furniture alone is not yet in his vocabulary.  As you can see, my home entertainment system consists only of an old style television that my uncle gave me.  *Thanks, Uncle!* The DVD player is inside our bedroom because we seldom watch television shows.  I also do not have a radio or any sound system inside the house.  Ever since cellphones and iPod were invented, it never occurred to me  anymore to buy sound system.  I have plans, though, of improving the house. 

Someday, somehow, I wanted to have a living room that looks like this.  For now, I will just be contented with what I have.  I am still saving, furniture are expensive here.

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