50 Questions Challenge, Day 24: Do you know anyone who you feel is living their dream?


I envy my grand aunt.  She worked in Germany for so many years as a nurse and now that she's retired, she's touring the world.  She recently got back to Germany from a three-week vacation to the US and Canada.  She's planning to put up a business here in the Philippines.  I just admire her for everything that she is.  She shares her blessings to her loved ones.  I for one had my share actually even before she retired.  She sent me to medical school, although I was not able to finish it (I know she's disappointed), she still motivates me to all my endeavors.  I remember one time when I was in college, I was so depressed (I could not remember the reason, though), she bought me a Nokia 6260 cellphone.

Although, I have different life path than hers, I hope that I can live the life that dream of not after I retire.

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