Friday, November 19, 2010

50 Questions Challenge, Day 25: Do you think you can be completely satisfied living where you do right now?

Me? Satisfied?

I think so.  I am not materialistic.  I find happiness in the simplest of things.  When I had a child, everything about me has changed--my priorities and perspectives in life.  When I was still single, I just do whatever I want--taking little consideration about the people around me.  When Lance was born, I had a 360 degree shift.  Everything that I do now is for him and seeing him happy is what brings me much joy and contentment.  

I was asked a while ago a classic question of who will I save in case the boat will sink--my son or my husband?  I said, my son.  Of course at this point, it is all about my son.  He's too young not to be taken cared of.  I did not choose to save my husband (if I have) because I know that he would want me to save our child--there's no doubt about it.

I have dreams for my child, although I am not sure whether those are his dreams too, seeing him develop his full potential and creating milestones on his own are enough for me to say that I have given him the support that he needs.  In that, I am contended and completely satisfied.

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