Saturday, November 13, 2010

8th Boxing Title for Manny Pacquiao

Is it possible to stop time?

Well, it is for Manny Pacquiao.  Today, people from all over the world witnessed what could possibly catapult Margarito's career or will force Pacquiao to retire.  Everyone watched and each time Pacquiao releases his killer punches, we are all in awe as if we are the ones throwing powerful punches on Margarito.

Many have bet that Pacquiao will knock out Margarito on the 5th or 6th round.  I was actually expecting it on the 4th but Margarito is a strong fighter.  Margarito was not knocked out but he sure bled a lot from a huge cut on his right cheek.  Everyone thought Margarito will draw but he finished it up until the 12th round.  The judges, via unanimous decision, proclaimed Pacquiao as the World Super Welterweight Champion.


So what's next after Margarito?  Nobody knows yet but if Pacquiao will solicit my opinion, it is time for him to retire.  He has already proven so much in the boxing arena and I bet it will take many many years for another fighter to surpass what he has achieved in his career.  Maybe, no one will ever beat his record.

It's only my opinion.  But, if ever he decides to fight once again, for sure, all Filipinos from all over the world will be there to support him.

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