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The Benefits of GPS and GPS Tracking

 GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking is not a new technology as it was first used in the 1960s by the US Navy.  It is a space-based navigation system that provides accurate location and time information about virtually anything using a GPS tracking device.  It was used initially by the military during combat and has been used since in other industries like cargo and freight, vehicles, cellular phones and many others. 

In 1989, President Ronald Reagan issued a directive making GPS available for civilian use.

What are the benefits of GPS?

1. Surveying - for making maps
2. Map-making - cartographic maps
3. Navigation - to determine the exact location and distance
4. Cellular telephony - clock synchronization
5. Tectonics - fault motion measurement in earthquakes
6. GPS Tours - to give details about a specific location
7. Geofencing - cargo and freight tracking, animal tracking, vehicle and person tracking
8. Recreation - drawing, geocaching
9. GPS Aircraft Tracking - military
10. Geotagging - application of coordinates to digital objects like photos and other documents to create map overlay
11. Phasor measurement units - timestamping of power system measurements

It is not unusual anymore to include GPS tracking device to electronic devices.  With GPS tracking installed in your cars, for example, you are sure of where your kids and elders go.  It can also be used to trace the location of stolen vehicles.  With GPS tracking, you can trace the location of your cargo and you are sure that it will never get lost.  With GPS tracking, you will never be lost again.  The possibilities and benefits of a GPS tracking device are endless.


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