Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lotto Game

I tried my luck and bet 80 pesos in lotto for a chance to win more than 300M pesos.  My aunt and I hurried to the betting station last night for tonight's grand lotto draw.

While waiting for the numbers to be drawn, I am already thinking of how to spend the money.  Here are the things that I thought of:

1.  Today's jackpot is 333,000,000+,  I will give the 33M+ to charities.
2.  I will give portion to my mom, dad and two sisters.
3.  I will build a house on my itty bitty lot, I really don't want a big house because it is harder to maintain.
4.  If my sister will pursue her migration to Canada, I will give her financial assistance.
5.  I will put up the business that I have been longing for.
6.  I will force my mom to resign on her job.  She doesn't need to work anymore anyway because we're all working.
7.  I will share my blessings to my relatives.
8.  I will put the rest of the money in different financial institutions.

I had butterflies in my stomach while the numbers are being drawn.  Praying each time for any of my numbers to be called.  

I did not win.  No one got the numbers.  Better luck next time.  Next time the prize will be higher, perhaps.

I am still optimistic.

Tomorrow, I will be a millionaire (whatever that means).

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