Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Spa Dallas something... I'm gonna visit you.

I've been too busy lately that I don't have time to relax and pamper myself.  I feel so guilty and I can sense my body is complaining already. 

I will make up for it by, of course, going to the spa and have some treatments.    The last time I had total pampering was a year ago when I won a spa gift certificate together with a friend.  It was awesome.  I will probably have a massage, foot spa and facial.  The more complicated and expensive treatments will follow later.  

I am kinda "afraid" of complicated treatments because of what my friend told me about her experience in one of spa centers in Cali.  She's from Dallas and just went to Cali to attend the wedding of her cousin.  A day before the wedding, she went to a spa and had a facial and body massage.  The massage was heavenly, as it relieved her of stiff shoulder muscles, but, the facial didn't.  To make the long story short, she had an allergy and had to take anti-histamine drug.  The soreness went away just in time for the wedding but she swore she will never go to spas again.  But, of course, being vain that she is, she went to a spa months after the incident, but this time it was in Spa Dallas something... I forgot the exact name but she said it exceeded her expectations for a spa.  Hmmnn... I guess I am going to try the place when I go to Dallas.

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