No Early Retirement For Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao announced yesterday during an interview that he will not yet retire. He will just take a rest, condition himself again and prepare for another fight probably next year. Well, that means we still have something to look forward to in boxing and hopefully another belt for Pacman.

I was expecting Mommy Dionisia to be caught live praying ringside but it was his wife, Jinkee, who had some shots. I just learned during the evening news that Mommy Dionisia collapsed during the fight. I might collapse too if I will see my son receiving punches from a taller and muscular guy.

I don't know if Mommy Dionisia already know Pacman's plans for next year... I hope she will not collapse. She's been begging Pacman to retire. We can't blame her for her wish because boxing is really a dangerous sport and besides Pacman has proven a lot already. I think no one will ever surpass what he has achieved.

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