Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Charity Works

My heart smiled today.

I did some charity works together with my office mates earlier today to the orphans of Mango House in Silang.  It is a small orphanage that houses 14 children of ages 6 to 11 under the supervision of Rev. Ada Jensen--the founder of Mango House who is from Pennsylvania, USA.

That's me in the red.
We packed the goodies at 8 in the morning and headed to the orphanage at 9.  I was excited going to the place.  It was not my first charity work but I always get excited when I get to help children.  We arrived at the place at 10 o'clock, just in time for the program.  When I entered the house, I saw little children lined up in the living room and they greeted me good morning with their sweetest smiles.  We immediately went on with the program we prepared for them.  We had games, they watched a movie and we had lunch together.  

The staff are doing a really great job raising the children. 

The children gave us a special song number as a gift for us... they actually made me cry.  I cried because I felt sorry for them.  I cried because I am thankful that I did not grow up without knowing my parents.  I cried because I was happy to have made them happy even for a day.

If you would like to help and know more about Mango House, go to their website,


  1. Hi Joanne!

    I would just like to ask some info about Mango House. I've been searching the net the whole day but still can't find reliable/updated info bout Mango House. I even tried their website.

    I'm so happy tha I bumped with your blog. I do hope that you could help me.

    I need to get their present complete address and if you have their contact number.

    Please help! We are going there this Sunday for a charity work and I need to inform them before our event.

    Please please help!

    Thanks a lot!!!

    best regards,


  2. Hi Ianna!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. We actually had a follow-up charity work to the kids of Mango House this day. I am glad that you will visit them this Sunday.

    Please email me at and I will give you their contact details.


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