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A Day of Pampering

I had a day of pampering and I love it! I think I should do it more often.

I left the house at around 1PM after my Aunt took my son to their house to be a nanny for a day. I left 30 minutes after. 

My hair before the liberating and much needed hair cut. It is dryer than the Sahara.

It was not my plan initially to pamper myself from head to foot, I only planned to have a haircut. But, the moment I sat on the salon chair and a salon assistant gave me a back massage while waiting for the stylist, I said to myself I need to have a good body massage. 

I am wearing my favorite cropped pants. The salon has a comfy chair, I can sit on it all day .

The stylist snipped 6 inches of my hair... it was a liberating moment for me. Imagine having to dry my waist long hair each day... tedious! I could not understand why some people cry over cutting their hair short. Anyway, after 30 minutes of sitting in the salon, the stylist said I am good to go. My hair is still long but has layers to give it body. I love it! I feel like I lost 5 pounds off my weight for just cutting my hair. Haha!

Lots and lots of hair products. I could not imagine using it all on my hair. I don't even use a conditioner.

Next stop, massage. I have been hearing good feedback about this massage place but I haven't tried it not even once. It is called D'Vibes, a cooperative business of the association for the blind. Aside from having a good massage, I am also helping them have their income. I chose a chair full body massage. Having a massage is the best decision I have made this day. It was a heavenly experience... I actually almost fell asleep. Ate Evelyn (the massage therapist) is heaven sent... she's so good, I did not even feel ticklish. I am going to go there at least once a month to have a massage.

Combo 9.

I noticed that I haven't eaten anything yet when my stomach began to make embarrassing sounds so I went to my favorite fast food chain--Wendy's. I had chicken breast fillet sandwich, fries and iced tea. 

My next destination was something I had to think about several times. I took a walk for a while inside the department store while deciding if I should do it or not. I decided I should do it since I am already there standing outside the facial care center. Yes, I had a facial. I was dead nervous asking the receptionist about their services. It's my first time to do it... please, bear with me. I was there, standing in front of their huge list of services, reading everything when I only went there for a regular facial cleaning. It didn't take me too long to go inside. I felt stupid, really. A lady instructed me to wash my face first before I proceed to bed number 7. That bed is where my face lost its virginity. The procedure went for an hour... it was the longest hour of my entire life. Since it was my first time, I had no idea how a facial would went. The lady massaged first my face with a cream, then steamed it and then... this is the worst part... scraped my face with a tool. I had to interrupt her with what she's doing because it really hurts. After an hour, which seemed like forever, the lady showed me everything that she got off my face. She shouldn't have. I wasn't proud. She ended the procedure with a laser treatment and a toner... I felt the difference.

Well, that's what happened in my day of pampering. I was satisfied at how it went, I realized how much I have forgotten myself. I have been punishing my body by working too hard and yet I do not compensate it with pampering. 

Sorry, my body.

I am going to do it more often, I promise.

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