Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Son, the Lizard and the Cockroach

This happened while I was washing the dishes and my son was in the living room playing with his creepy crawler toys.

My Son to Lizard: Go home now or else cockroach will eat you.

My Son to Me: Mommy, the Lizard won't go away! Where does he live?

Me to My Son: Don't worry he will go home soon. He lives just outside our house.

My Son to Lizard pretending to be Cockroach: I will eat you, Lizard. Here I go!

Funny sounds in the backdrop as if the cockroach is really eating the lizard...

I should spend more time playing with my son and teaching him good stuffs because cockroaches don't eat lizards. 

Last night, I tried to teach him The Lord's Prayer so that Jesus and Santa will be happy. He said, "I don't want them to be happy." I told him if they are happy, they will give him toys. He did not buy it, instead he said, "I already have many toys." He proceeded with the Prayer to the Guardian Angel and then said afterwards, "Jesus, please give me more toys on Christmas. Thank you!" I know why he doesn't want to learn yet The Lord's Prayer, because it is longer than the prayer that he already knows. 

He just amaze me every time. But I am not giving up, he will hear the prayer every night before he goes to bed even though he doesn't want to listen and follow me. Haha!

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