No Longer an Aquarian

I am no longer an Aquarius. I am now a Capricorn.

How come?

There's a new zodiac sign--Ophiuchus (November 30 to December 17).

According to Explore Astrology, Capricorns are:

"Very ambitious, driven by the need for success, money, position and authority. Their career and succeeding in it is very important to them, so much so that they often prefer to be in charge. But despite their aspirations, they are also very grounded and practical people."

Photo from here.

I don't know if this change in zodiac sign has something to do with my moods recently. Ha!

Capricorns also tend to suffer from bone and joint diseases like arthritis, rheumatism, and other orthopedic problems. I am osteopenic. Okay, this freaks me out.

I checked the personality traits of Aquarius and it no longer matches mine. I guess I will have to live with being born under the Capricorn sign from now on. Thank goodness it is only in slum book that I will have to write my Zodiac sign. And I do not have an Aquarius tattoo to change.

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