T-Bone Steak and Tuna Sisig at Country Side

T-bone steak and tuna sisig on sizzling plate! Yummy!

These are just two of my favorite dishes at Country Side. My relationship with Country Side started when I was in college. It is just a small restaurant in front of the university where we usually have lunch... and where I usually spend my day's allowance.

The interior of one of their branches.
The main theme of the restaurant is the Wild West. They serve a wide range of Western dishes with a touch of Filipino to suit the palates of Filipino foodies. One of their best sellers is the T-bone steak with special mushroom sauce and buttered vegetables served on a sizzling plate. An order comes with a rice of your choice for the ultimate gastronomic experience. For Php130 per plate, it can be shared by two. Another best seller is their tuna sisig which is perfect if you are on a diet.

Howdy Cowboy!
If you happen to be in the Philippines, I recommend you sample Country Side dishes. For a list of their branches, click here.

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