Today I Thank: My Son's Nanny

My son's nanny is his third and hopefully will be his last. She's just 21 years old, also with a son who just turned 1 and waits for his husband to come home once a week from his work in Manila. I hired her because of the recommendation of my grandmother and because I really need to have someone to look after my son while I work from 8 to 5.

She's hardworking and doesn't complain if my son throws tantrums at her. Just this day, Mamalou (as my son fondly calls her) took my son to a play place while I was having a meeting with a client. I know that it is hard to leave your own child to work and I applaud her for making sacrifices to help her husband earn money for the family. Having her around makes life easier for me and I thank her for taking care of my son and loving him as if he is her own. 

God bless you, Mamalou!

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