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Protect yourself from the wind

I need not go to Chicago to have my hair blown by the wind. Where I am right now is enough for me to experience the wind. It has always been like this in the Philippines when the snow from other parts of the world starts to melt and the Northeast monsoon gushes towards the Southeast. If I could no longer bear to shower directly from the shower head, it is already a sign that I should stock up on products with moisturizers and thick clothes to keep me warm and moisturized 24/7.

A lip balm to lock in moisture thus preventing chapped lips.
Burt's Bees nourishing lip balm, $2.99 at Small Flower.

If you look pale without lipstick, here is Lip Fusion  Balm by Fusion Beauty. It will give your lips color and then moisturize it up to 6,000% if you use it continuously for 4 weeks. That's a lot of moisture! Get this at for $22.

The face needs as much moisturizing as the lips. Try this Sephora instant moisturizer, $20 at Sephora. This has HydroSenn+ that not only moisturizes the skin but also prevents appearance of future signs of aging.

Never leave the house without putting on lotion. Nothing beats Jergens lotion in moisturizing the skin. Get it at your favorite drugstores. It is $5.49 in Target.

Keep moisturized and at the same time smelling fresh for hours with this Victoria's Secret Sensuous Escape body lotion with cocoa butter. It deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin with its Vitamin C and E. Get this for $9.

Cozy up in a cashmere sweater. This A. P. C. sweater will do the trick, $355 at Net-A-Porter.

A biker jacket will also keep you warm. This Walter hooded leather jacket is on sale at The Out Net for $196.50 previously $655.

Juicy Couture ruffled chiffon jersey scarf, $68 at Zappos Couture. Scarves a great accessory during cold and windy days.

You have got to learn from the Middle Easterners to wear a Bedouin scarf. It is their armor against the windy desert. This All Saints Bedouin scarf in beach coral is just perfect, get this for $90.


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Don't worry if I spilled the beans, my officemates have no idea that I have a blog.

Do you have Kris Kringle in your office?

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Sephora Apple Pomegranate body collection, $30.  The set contains body butter, body scrub tube, body wash and bubble bath.

Lancome Juicy Tubes set, $29.50 at Neiman Marcus.  The set contains 6 various lip gloss colors from you favorite color palette--Sparling Pinks or Shimmering Neutrals.

Benefit De-puffing Action eye gel, $28 at Macy's.

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