Friday, February 18, 2011

Signs that I am in love

1. I sing love songs... in the bathroom, while cooking, while sweeping the floor... singing while doing things.

2. I write love notes and give cards even without an occasion. I also send them through snail mail. Yeah, I am cheesy and old fashioned!

3. I give random gifts. When I see something at the mall and I think it will fit perfectly or will look good on the guy, I'd buy it... even when there is no occasion.

4. I always find time for the guy... time to text, call, rub his back, comb his hair, et cetera, et cetera.

5. I text him from morning until night.

6. Do unusual stuffs for him like cooking his favorite dish, trying to learn his hobby or sport, pretending to like UFC to the point of accompanying him to Georges St. Pierre's autograph signing. 

6. I take efforts to be prettier everyday.

Somebody asked me today if I am in love. I do sing while doing things because I love to sing. And I take extra efforts to be prettier each day because I don't want to look older than my mom. The rest of the signs aren't present, so that means I am not in love.

If ever you will ask me someday if I am indeed in love, go back to this post. I will not lie. I am not good at lying when I am in love.

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