I went to a certain office last week for a business proposal and I saw a familiar face inside my prospect's office. Apparently, he's an old friend, well, (clearing throat) a childhood sweetheart. He asked me if I could still remember him and I said yes and gave him a smile. This part is where all my blood flushed on my cheeks, and I wasn't prepared. He introduced me to everyone inside the room that we used to be in a relationship and that we were both so in love with each other.

After my brief, but seemed like forever, discussion with my prospect, the guy offered me to accompany me downstairs towards the parking lot. I refused but he insisted. While going down, he asked me several questions that I briefly answered.

"Do you live in the same place?"


"Are you married?"


"I went to your house years ago but your brother told me you were not there. Did he tell you?"

"I don't have a brother."

"Maybe he's your cousin. He didn't tell you?"

"I could not remember."

"Oh, Joanne!" (sigh)



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