Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scotty Wins!

The 17 year old North Carolina native beat Lauren Alaina in this season of American Idol. I wasn't surprised when Ryan Seacrest announced Scotty's name because I already knew when he auditioned that he will make it to the top.

When Ryan asked Scotty how he felt, he said, "Man, it's been a year since me and Lauren tried out. We've been together since day one, and we're going to stay together."

What surprised me was when Scotty kissed Lauren after Ryan announced he won and when I heard Scotty say "I love you baby" to Lauren when he was singing the final song.

Are they a couple? 

Watch again the video. That is definitely not a kiss on the forehead. This is what I get for not watching AI every week.

Here is my favorite Scotty song... a duet with Lauren. They actually look and sound good together.

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