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This video is so sick!

My heart skipped beating so many times while watching this video. This is so sick! What the hell is happening to the world??? Why didn't they help the poor child???

Indifference is what slowly kills humanity. It is a plague that slowly eats the most of us. Shame on the 18 passers-by who did nothing to save the child from death. I hope it will not happen to them or to any of their loved ones. And I hope China will think a million times before they pass their law.

You can read articles about this soulless video here, here and here.

Oh, the Places You'll Actually Go! by Dr. Seuss

I love Dr. Seuss. Click on the jump to read the contents.


1. You will never fully understand a psycho.
2. Like minds aren't a pretty good pair... they will just bore each other nodding at each other.
3. Get out before it is too late (this applies in all situations).
4. You can say you are happy but your eyes won't lie.
5. There will come a time that you will cry about nothing, even if you are a man.

New Book: Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

This is the first book that made me cry.

Steve Jobs is dead

Steve Jobs is dead. The former CEO of Apple passed away today because of pancraetic cancer. He knew his time is short so he left the chairmanship of Apple to his long-time business partner and friend, Tim Cook, last August.
The man who changed technology will be missed.