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Wishes do come true!

I got these cook books from my Kris Kringle monita. Cook book is actually in my wish list this Christmas.
Wishes do come true! Woot woot!

My Christmas Prayer

Merry Christmas! I could not ask for more. God has blessed me with so many things this year that I am deeply humbled by His generosity. If there are things that I would wish to have, it would be for other people.
I pray for the victims of Typhoon Pablo and the rest of the calamity-stricken areas to be safe and to continue to gather their faith and strength to build their lives again.
I pray for the people to continue to help and extend their generosity to those who need their help the most.
I pray for the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary and their loved ones to find healing, peace, acceptance and forgiveness so that they may be able to live their lives better than today like what the innocent children wants them to have.
I pray for wisdom to all country leaders to exert extra effort to promote harmonious living within their country and among other nations.
I pray for Your continued mercy. May You guide us towards the right path through your Son Jesus Christ, our Savior. Amen.

Beauty shot using iPhone 4S

Honestly, what do you think of this photo? I took this photo earlier this day from a photo shoot for an upcoming advertisement using my iPhone 4S. The photo that will be used for the actual advertisement was shot by a professional photographer. I showed this to him because this is the shot that I want for the advertisement.
This photo makes me want to buy a DSLR... Do you think I will have a career in photography?

Believe, have faith and it will

If there is something we should not lose, it is faith--faith in God, faith in our country, faith in our loved ones and faith in ourselves. Believe. Have faith. Make it happen.

[Photo taken at SM Mall of Asia Bay Walk featuring the MOA Eye]

New Book: The Art of War by Sun Tzu

This is an eBook from Good Reads. Although this book was produced out of warfare and is currently used in the military, it can also be applied in business. My favorite excerpt is...

"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle."

In every business, it is important to have a SWOT analysis of both the company and its competitor. It will be a guide in creating a strong marketing strategy.

Something hairy, soft and wet

It is the time of gift giving and Kris Kringle again. Of course, our office is also in to the spirit of generosity. It is already our third week and I am the lamest gift giver lately. I have to make amends to that since my 'baby' is someone who is dear to me, someone who I trust.

I already have the 'something embarrassing to carry in public' and it is too embarrassing for me to show in this post. Let me just focus on the 'something hairy and soft' and 'something wet'. I was lucky to find both in one cute gift set... The hairy and soft teddy bear key chain and the wet but fragrant cologne.

Don't worry if I spilled the beans, my officemates have no idea that I have a blog.

Do you have Kris Kringle in your office?

Stress busting at Starbucks

I don't know about you but whenever I am stressed, I go to a different place. It is not necessarily a far place, just a different ambiance or away from the source of the stress.

Defeat teaches us humility

Don't do anything for selfish purposes, but with humility think of others as better than yourselves. - Philippians 2:3
In a historical turn of events, Juan Manuel Marquez defeated Manny Pacquiao via technical knockout on Round 6. It was the most devastating sight any Filipino could witness from a man who has brought so much honor in the country through boxing.
Go and succeed in your grandeur! Ride out on behalf of truth, humility, and righteousness. Let your strong hand perform awesome deeds! - Psalms 45:4
Despite the loss, Pacquiao left the arena with a smile. It is not something that you get to see in the world of competitive sports. Defeat definitely teaches us humility.
What we can learn from this day is that we must know when to stop. If we will not listen to God, He will have to do it the hard way... like letting us hit the floor really hard

Prepare for Salvation

There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, there will be dismay among nations in their confusion over the roaring of the sea and surging waves. The planets and other heavenly bodies will be shaken, causing people to faint from fear and foreboding of what is coming upon the world. Then they will see the Human One coming on a cloud with power and great splendor. Now when these things happen, stand up straight and raise your heads, because your redemption is near.
Luke 21:25-28

Take care that your hearts aren't dulled by drinking parties, drunkenness, and the anxieties of day-to-day life. Don't let that day fall upon you unexpectedly, like a trap. It will come upon everyone who lives on the face of the whole earth. Stay alert at all times, praying that you are strong enough to escape everything that is about to happen and to stand before the Human One.
Luke 21:34-36

Are we prepared for the second coming of Christ? 
That was the question of Cardinal Tagle as an i…

Are you pregnant again?

I heard Jessica Simpson is pregnant... Again! She gave birth just a few months ago to a baby girl. In the news, she said she is excited to be a mom again.

What do you think about being pregnant after giving birth?

I dread the scenario. I personally think that our body should be given enough time to recuperate from pregnancy stress and the postpartum depression that inevitably comes with it. I wanted to give full attention to my newborn and with another pregnancy along the way, it would divide the attention.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. It is a journey of nourishing yourself and the child in your womb but a mother's work doesn't stop at giving birth. It is a continuous process of pouring unconditional love between her and her child.

I survived Managerial Accounting!

"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear." - Nelson Mandela
Well, my Managerial Accounting subject is not yet officially over since we still have classes on Saturday and I still have to pass my take home final exam. But, I am pretty sure (my confidence level is at its peak) that I will move on to the next chapter of my MBA... Information Management System.
The moment that I learned that I will have an accounting course, butterflies immediately went fluttering into my stomach. It reminded me of the days when my least liked subject was Accounting 101. Looking back to my experience, the frequent basic accounting I meet everyday at work and the cold and clammy feeling I get while reporting process costing and budgeting... I can say that you can never really escape from your fears. Face your fears. Face them more often until you feel you are not afraid anymore. 

Love your enemies

Luke 6:27-28 "But I say to you, who are willing to hear: Love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you. Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who mistreat you."

1 John 5:14

This is the confidence that we have in our relationship with God: If we ask for anything in agreement with His will, He listens to us.

Farm photography using iPhone 4S and Instagram filters


4 More Years for Barack Obama

Shortly after the announcement that Obama won the presidency against Romney, this photo garnered 3.5 million likes on Facebook and still counting. It now holds the record as the most liked photo.
And here is President Barack Obama's speech...

In My Wishlist: The Photojojo Phone Lens Series

I am dying to have this Photojojo Phone Lens Series! This set contains three types of lenses--telephoto, fisheye, wide and macro--that fits in most phones. I have an iPhone 4S and these lenses would be great to capture life's precious moments!
The set costs $49 + shipping. I suggest you buy the set for you to save because I bet you'll go gaga taking pictures using any of the lenses that you'll end up buying the rest.
Dear Photojojo, I do hope you'll send me a sample of any of your lenses (but I prefer the wide and macro lens). I swear I will be your number 1 Photojojo advocate in the Philippines!
Photojojo Phone Lens Series at the Photojojo Store!

All Saint's Day photography using iPhone 4S and Instagram filters

Just got home from the cemetery. It is All Saint's Day here and we (all of my relatives) went to the mausoleum of our departed loved ones. Today is a special day because it is the only time of the year that we get to be with all our loved ones, both living and dead, in one place. This is also true with other families as well.
I snapped photos of beautiful flowers in the mausoleum and the sunset with some inspirational quotes.

My favorite Og Mandino quotes

"Each day is a special gift from God, and while life may not always be fair, you must never allow the pains, hurdles and handicaps of the moment to poison your attitude and plans for yourself and your future. You can never win when you wear the ugly cloak of self-pity and the sour sound of whining will certainly frighten away any opportunity for success."
"You will achieve grand dream a day at a time, so set goals for each day, not long and difficult projects, but chores that will take you, step by step, toward your rainbow. Write them down if you must, but limit your list so that you won't have to drag today's undone matters into tomorrow. Remember that you cannot build a pyramid in twenty-four hours. Be patient. Never allow your day to become cluttered that you neglect your most important goal--to do the best you can, enjoys this day, and rest satisfied with what you have accomplished."
"Never neglect the little things. Never skimp on the extra effo…

New Book: The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino

I actually bought several books over the weekend and I haven't finished reading Rich Dad Poor Dad yet... All are e-Books from Kindle. I love my mom so much for letting me use her account to buy books that I desire.
1. Organizational Culture Change: Unleashing your organization's potential in circles of 10 by Marcella Bremer (I think something needs to change in our organization)
2. The World According To Monsanto by Marie-Monique Robin (I am into conspiracy theories lately)
3. The Existence of God by Francois De Salignac De La Mothe-Fenelon (just got curious of the title)
4. 30 Days and Counting by Leslie Symth (finished reading this just in time before Romney-Obama debate)
5. What Makes People Tick? Handwriting Analysis X-ray To the Soul by David J. Riffey (just got curious whether my handwriting reflects the kind of person I really am)
6. Butcher of Venice by Irmgard Rawn (one suspense novel to break the monotony)
7. Frozen Delight by Saffron Sands and Forbidden Fruit (fini…

Random Clicks: Oyster Forest Life Resort

I have discovered another place where you can relax and enjoy the long weekend this October... Oyster Forest Life Resort along Sta. Rosa Road, Brgy. Langka, Silang, Cavite. If you are travelling from Tagaytay City, turn left when you see Tagaytay Econo Hotel. It is about 5 to 10 minutes away from the intersection. The resort is actually owned by Oyster Plaza Hotel in Paranaque.
The resort's theme is very Filipino. Bamboo cottages surround the pool area so you feel like you are just lounging in your own backyard without the hustle and bustle of the busy streets and stressful workload. They have a restaurant so you don't have to worry where to buy food when you get hungry. They also have a free WiFi connection so that you can update your Facebook or Twitter accounts for your friends to see how good of a time you are having.

If you want to see more of Oyster Forest Life Resort, click here.

On My Cork Board: Waste No Time


Marketers, are you global or analytic?

Prof. Henry S. Tenedero is one of the funniest men I know. Aside from being an educator and advocate of multiple intelligence, he is also good at making people laugh. There was never a dull moment when he lectured about Marketing with the Heart in Mind as the main topic of the seminar that the Philippine Marketing Association-Cavite Chapter hosted with the theme Exhilarate! The Extraordinary Marketing Experience, held yesterday at the Lyceum of the Philippines-Cavite Campus.
Before he began teaching the participants on how to create an extraordinary marketing experience, he asked first if we think we are genius--which he followed with the question if we are global or analytic  Being global means seeing the whole before the parts while being analytic is the opposite or seeing the parts before the whole.
Global learners...
See the big picture
Has broad overall approach
Begin with the end in mind

Analytic learners...
See the specifics
Step by step approach
Start w…

Dream Interpretation: Squid, Pail and Water

I took a nap this afternoon after I got home from school. I was joined by my son who is so tired for playing the whole day.
I had a dream, I think a sequel to my dream about being in the house of my "beau". I did not write about it. In my dream this afternoon, I was in my "beau's" house. It was a two story old house that I am very much familiar with. My "beau" is in the kitchen and I am heading towards the bathroom. On my way there, I saw a pail almost filled with water with three or four squids undulating in it.
And that ends my dream.
According to, seeing squid in a dream signifies that I am threatened and my judgment is somewhat clouded. It could also mean greed and that I am being self-conscious of how others perceive me.
On the other hand, water symbolizes the subconscious and the emotional state of mind. It is the living essence of the psyche and the flow of life energy. The pail being almost full signifies abundance, love and we…

Dream Interpretation: Broken Violin

I could not remember the details of my dream the other night. All I can remember is that I was inside my grandmother's bedroom when I saw a violin. I was excited to hold it and try it since I really wanted to learn how to play it when I was still a child, only to find out that it is broken.
I researched for the meaning of my dream and it turned out that seeing a broken violin means sadness, separation and worse, bereavement.
Later this day, I heard a news that the brother of my co-employee died of heart attack. He's only 25.

Camp Benjamin flora photography using iPhone 4S and Instagram filters

What I really like about my job is that I get to go to places relatively known to many. The other day, I was given a task to go to Camp Benjamin in Alfonso, Cavite to have an ocular inspection because the Management is eyeing it for our strategic planning on November.
Camp Benjamin is a resort/hotel 23 kilometers away from Trece Martires City where the seat of Cavite Provincial Government is located. The 6-hectare property is nestled among luscious trees and flowering plants. It is actually hard to imagine that you can find surreal beauty and amazingly peaceful facility inside.
I will not let you take a peek of the amenities inside Camp Benjamin yet. Instead, I will show you the different flowers in bloom inside the resort/hotel that I labeled with some inspiring words. Enjoy!

Row 6, Seat 2

I am reading my Money, Credit and Banking book when I suddenly remembered that once upon a time I was known and being called as Row 6, Seat 2.
It was how our Accounting 101 teacher would call me when I was in 3rd year high school. It seems as if it is impossible for her to memorize all our names in one school year. When I was in 4th year, I am Row 1, Seat 7. But it was Row 6, Seat 2 that made a whole lot of impact during my adolescent period. It was my first time to call all the possible saints I know to pray for me so that I may not be called for a recitation. It was the first time that official receipts, vouchers, debit, credit and balance sheets mattered to me.

Accounting 101, Banking and Finance

Our professor in our Special Topic course in MBA class is really awesome! He is too awesome because he was able to inspire me to buy books about banking and finance. Me becoming interested in a subject involving accounting is way beyond my wildest imagination. In fact, Accounting 101 is one of my least liked subjects when I was in high school. It is one of the reasons why I favored taking up a science degree course  in college rather than a business course.
I really admire our professor for allowing us to understand the lucrative banking industry in the simplest possible ways. His Socratic style of teaching really fires us up each time. And he is generous in giving a recitation grade to anyone with the smartest question and answer.
I specifically bought this book, Money Credit and Banking, because the authors' examples involve companies and financial institutions in the Philippines... something that I can relate to because I know more or less what is happening in my country.

I bo…

New Book: Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo? By Ramon Bautista

I went to the mall after my MBA class to find a book recommended by our professor. Instead of finding it, this book found me. I have been following Ramon Bautista on Twitter and Instagram and my dear friend would update me of his new video uploads on YouTube. I find him funny in a sensible way.
By the way, the book hopes to enlighten its reader on why his/her crush doesn't reciprocate the feeling. I bet this will be funny and really eye opening. Hahaha!
If you buy the book, it comes with a notebook for you to take notes. You can also use it as a diary or a progress note of your courtship (if ever it will progress into something more than friendship).

RIP Freedom of Speech

Today, freedom of speech in the Philippines is dead. The Section 4 of the Bill of Rights is no more. RIP.
Whether the government will implement the law gradually or abruptly... still, we will all be penalized for expressing our opinions.

#NoToCyberCrimeLaw #ItsNoLongerFunInThePhilippines #RIPBlogs

Republic Act No. 10175: Cybercrime Law

Sorry, I can't say much about this newly passed law in the Philippines--R. A. No. 10175 or the Cybercrime Law because I might be the first one to be penalized.
Just click on the link to read the contents of this act. Let me end this post with this...
We can't be silenced forever.
#NoToCyberCrimeLaw #ItsNoLongerFunInThePhilippines #RIPBlogs

Favorite Photo of the Day: October 1 Surprise

I've just gotten home from a seminar and I had the slightest idea that I am in for a surprise. When I entered the bedroom, this is what I saw. My son is fast asleep... rather unusual because he never sleeps unless I am home. But, that is not the surprise... it's those Toy Story stickers on the wall! Our bedroom wall is already filled with his doodles and stick figures and I guess he got tired of looking at them so he decided to add Sheriff Woody and his gang.
I took this photo a few days ago. My son is "having the time of his life"... lying on a pile of pillows, hands behind his head, and electric fan on number 2. He is actually watching his favorite DVD to date--Cars 2. 
[Photos were taken using iPhone 4S and Instagram filters]

Doubters, Skeptics and Cynics

I was writing my schedule for November and while doing so, I feel so overwhelmed at how busy I will be in the remaining months of 2012. I am glad that my monthly planner has inspirational and motivational quotes to remind me that being busy means more blessings and more opportunities to serve. 
And this quote is indeed true: doubters will not achieve any, don't expect skeptics to contribute something and cynics will not create but instead ruin you and your relationship with others.

Olympian in the making

Another proud moment for me... my son was champion in the 25-meter sprint and 50-meter relay during their sports fest in school.
When my sister asked me to train him to sprint, I was kind of hesitant knowing that he had previous leg fracture from a motorcycle accident. I was thinking his bone is not yet fully healed and he might tumble and cause it to break again. I asked my sister to join him in other sports, volleyball perhaps, since he likes to play it too, but not in sprint. I am just a paranoid mom.
Anyway, he ran and he did not injure himself... he even brought home two gold medals so I guess there is nothing to worry about anymore. I am sensing an Olympian in the making and in whatever sport he will pursue, I will support him all the way.

New Book: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Do you know this symbol? It is the mocking jay from Suzanne Collins' famous book The Hunger Games. And you probably already know that this is the symbol of Katniss Everdeen--the girl on fire, the hero of the story.
This book is not really mine. An office mate just had me borrow this in exchange of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol that I bought a few months ago. I have seen this movie and I am hoping a part two will be shown soon. And while part 2 is still in the making, I might as well re-live the scenes of the breakout movie starring Jennifer Lawrence, through this book.

Random Clicks: Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay City

I went to Hotel Kimberly in Tagaytay City to check out their conference room. We will have a seminar next week and ocular inspection is vital in preparing the team building activities.
Here are some of the shots I took using iPhone 4S and Instagram filters.

Language of Appreciation No. 1: Words of Affirmation

"The greatest tragedy is that while most managers, supervisors, and colleagues genuinely appreciate the people with whom they work, they often neglect to verbally express that appreciation."
"While character traits are not easily observable as specific accomplishments, they are in the long run far more important to an organization."
"If words of affirmation are to be most effective, they must be given in the context of a positive, healthy relationship."

Source: The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace by Gary Chapman

Favorite Photo of the Day: A Child's Delicate Touch

I went home from the office with severe headache. I know it is caused by the tremendous stress because of this day's activities.
At home, my son would ask a lot of questions, whine here and there about a lot of things... The noise was just unbearable. I felt like my head will blow into pieces any moment.
I asked my son to do his things and not bother me even for just a few minutes. I really needed some time alone and quiet... That's what he did. He gave me a soothing head massage. It surely relieved me of headache.

New Books: The 21 Most Powerful Minutes in a Leader's Day and The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

I was lucky to have these two books borrowed from my boss. She reads a lot and she is not selfish in sharing her new knowledge and learning to us. She actually showed us five books that she bought in SM Mall of Asia but these two really caught my attention.
The first book is entitled The 21 Most Powerful Minutes in a Leader's Day by John C. Maxwell. It is actually a devotional book that will hopefully inspire a manager to be a leader or a leader to be a better one. This book is a supplement to the author's book entitled The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
The second book is The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace by Gary Chapman and Paul White. It is about helping organizations to empower their people through encouragement. It generally discusses the ways on how managers and leaders should properly appreciate the efforts of their human resource and why appreciation is a good form of investment.
What have you read so far? Can you recommend any other good reads abo…

Learn how to create an exhilarating and extraordinary marketing experience

A great marketer knows that one way to attract customers is to excite and exhilarate them. But do you know how? Attend this seminar to find out!

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Mahatma Gandhi on Happiness


On My Cork Board: A Reminder To Be Humble

While trust is the foundation of a relationship, trust is built on character and credibility. Trust is hard to earn but the good news is, it can also be regained.
I got this quotation from Stephen R. Covey's book The Speed of Trust and I think everyone should practice humility. I constantly remind my staff to be humble. Whatever achievement our department has earned, it is because we work as a team. Humility is not a sign of weakness but in fact it is the courage to control oneself of gloat and self exaltation.

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