Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day

It is still four days away and yet it seems that love is already in the air. And so are Valentine's Day commodities' prices are keeping up with the high.

Where will I be on the 14th?

In the office. It is not yet proclaimed as a national holiday (duh).

And how about after office hours?

I will be watching a pageant in support of a co-employee who is a candidate. The organizers of the pageant are so lame... of the 29 days of February, they decided to have the pageant on the 14th. While everyone else will be on a date after work, I will be stuck watching the girls-I-pray-are-smart. I hope my co-employee will bag the title.

My most memorable Valentine's Day was five years ago. Instead of dining in a posh restaurant, we had a picnic, watched the sunset and counted the stars. It was one of the best conversations we ever had.

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