Friday, April 27, 2012

On weddings and wedding decorations

Every woman has her dream wedding. It is like a young girl dreaming of fairy tales coming true. Just like me, I dream of wearing the most beautiful wedding gown, walking down the aisle with my groom waiting on the altar and reciting our vows in front of our dearest guests.

Wedding days are special because it opens a new chapter of a woman's life with the man who will be her life long partner. Having said that, women take time in preparing for the wedding--from the date of their wedding, to the guest list and even the wedding decorations

If I were to have a garden wedding, I'd choose subtle but romantic decorations that will complement the theme. I don't want the guests to be overwhelmed of the grandeur of the event. I don't even want a big celebration, to begin with. I want them to be relaxed and feel that they are a part of the celebration and not simply as guests. I simply want them to remember that on that day, two individuals were united in love by God.

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