Saturday, June 23, 2012

People Watching

I am inside the campus, sitting on one of the many metal benches at the admin building, maximizing the battery of my laptop, observing the interactions of the students and professors around me. On my left is a group of five teens being scolded by their professor. On my right, on the other bench, is a group of students probably waiting for their class to start. In front is a huge white board where students can check out their room assignments, how to drop and add subjects, how to validate their IDs and all other school transactions that most of which I did not experience when I was in college.

While not many interesting activity is happening right now, I enjoy people watching when I go to places. It excites me to see various expressions on their faces, their gestures and the tone of their voice. People watching gives me a grasp of the realities of the world.

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