Friday, June 29, 2012

Random Clicks: Hardin ng Postema Resort

I have been travelling too much lately and I love it! Actually, this travel is not about vacation. I was tasked to look for a place for a team building seminar this July. And this is where my staff and I went. Hardin ng Postema Resort is located at Sahud-Ulan in Tanza, Cavite, about 45 minutes away from Manila if you will travel through Cavitex. It is a pool resort with hotels and banquets where you can celebrate weddings, birthdays, and all other events including seminars.

This is the main pool with a cabana in the middle where swimmers can relax and take cover from the sun. It is the largest of the six pools.

Taken from inside the Banyo de Oro. It is a two story banquet area for large groups.

This is one of the many smaller banquets of the resort. This area can accommodate as much as 80 persons.

If kids are already tired of swimming, they can also enjoy the resort's playground just behind the Banyo de Oro.

This path leads to the playground on the left and to the Banyo de Oro in front. This also leads to the rooms where friends and families can spend a night or two.

The aerial shot of the resort. It is beautiful! (photo from

Swimming rates are Php100 to Php150 (adult) and Php50 to Php80 (kids). Standard room accommodation for up to six persons is Php1600 (12-hour stay) and Php2600 (24-hour stay) while for deluxe accomodation for up to 8 persons, you will spend Php2000 (12-hour stay) and Php3800 (24-hour stay). 

If you want to know more about the resort, you can visit their Facebook page right here.

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