Saturday, August 25, 2012

More Tagaytay Highlands

The Taal Lake viewed from the golf course of Tagaytay Highlands. The heavy clouds signals a downpour .

I still have a lot of amazing Tagaytay Highlands photos to show you. Go ahead, click on the jump to see.

This is the lake view from the Midlands banquet area. The Taal Volcano is hidden on the other side. In just one day, I have been to two neighboring provinces of Cavite--Laguna and Batangas, the latter is where The Midlands is located.

The friendly piano guy I was talking about. We had a little jamming session. It was fun!

The hallway of the 2nd floor of the clubhouse. The interiors provide a homey feeling to the guests.

Also at the 2nd floor of the clubhouse is the Bali Antiques Curiosity Shop where you can find  exotic pieces and collectors items. True to its name, it looks and feels very Bali. And the owner is so friendly, too! I have to make a separate post for this shop.

Just me. It is a mirror and my classmate took this photo with me facing the mirror.

The mural in front of the Mexican themed restaurant at the 2nd floor. That's the church at The Midlands.

Outside the clubhouse, at around 2pm. Almost zero visibility because of the heavy fog. It gives an eerie feeling.

After the fog has cleared, Taal Volcano showed up.

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